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J. Kevin Butcher is the lead pastor of Hope Community Church of Detroit, a messy fellowship of human beings from every racial, economic, and educational background imaginable—with one thing in common: They own their emptiness and pursue healing through the love of God in Jesus Christ. Butcher has written numerous articles and has spoken around the world about the love of Christ. He is married to Carla and has three grown daughters, two sons-in-law, and two grandchildren.  Learn more about Kevin at:
Jonah Werner is a master story teller, a stellar writer and vocalist, and he plays guitar like you’ve never seen. With his blend of wit, humor and honesty, Jonah makes music that’s gritty and charming all at the same time. His message of hope and his brilliant ability to appeal to a broad audience has been his recipe for a successful career of nearly 2 decades. He’s released 7 studio albums and plays in theaters, churches and concert halls around the world.  Find out more at:
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